The VenusEnergy ICO goal is
to allocate the collected money for researches
of how to increase the efficiency of plants capable
capable of generating electricity from renewable energy sources.
The second goal is to allocate the ICO-collected money
for generating energy from renewable energy sources,
i.e. mounting solar collectors and wind power plants.
The VenusEnergy holders will be able to buy mining power in VenusEnergy platform much cheaper than it will cost using other currencies.
The discount for VENUS token holders may be between
VENUSENERGY ICO started on 1 of May 2018
Q2 2018 [18/05/01 – 18/07.31] - ICO 1st stage
Q3 2018 [18/08/01 – 18/10/31] - ICO 2st stage
Q4 2018 [18/11/01 – 18/12/31] - ICO 3st stage

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White paper

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Launch of the project

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Start of platform

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Our Vision

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We believe in the future of DLT

BlockChain is a rapidly developing technology, which is turning the world upside down – people have to move from standard thinking about centralized systems to decentralization and advantages thereof. However, such advantages also require both energy and computing capacities.

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We believe in clean enviroment

The increasing number of renewable energy sources and their use decrease global warming and the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which improves the condition of the earth from different perspectives.

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Our goal is to combine both of these aspirations

Renewable energy sources must be of great current interest for bitcoin miners. Using of renewable energy sources for the production of electric energy, which is to be used for the performance of bitcoin mining works, significantly decrease expenses on electricity, meaning that profit received for the works performed is bigger. Also, this leads to saving nature and decreasing the greenhouse effect.

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We want to share and spread this idea

Spreading our VenusEnergy token will gather together a community which supports the same ideas as VenusEnergy team. We will build a platform for sharing mining power with VenusEnergy holders. Together we can do both save the world and mine crypto currencies

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ETH: 0x7c8555ef8b527448cf3223d23a3c0938685d65b9

ETC: 0x25718775c35ecd815b7e6d30e7021f85f1643e08

VenusEnergy Contacts

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Arnoldas Belozaravičius

CEO of VenusEnergy

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Arnoldas Belozaravičius is co founder and CEO at VenusEnergy. He is IT technology enthusiast. He work with blockchain and crypto currency more then 5 years. Also he is a creator of few social projects.


Valdas Lukauskas

COO of VenusEnergy

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Valdas Lukauskas is Chief Operation Officer at VenusEnergy. He take care of Business and Product development. He is a speaker, technology strategist and complex problem solver.


Tomas Ališauskas

CFO of VenusEnergy

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Tomas Ališauskas is Chief Financial officer at VenusEnergy. He is responsible for financial control and planning of project’s budget. He take care of investment too.


Andrejus Semionovas

Programmer of VenusEnergy

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Andrejus Semionovas - CTO at VenusEnergy. He is IT professional with strong knowledge and skills. He help with VenusEnergy website development. He has been working with IT projects for more than 20 years. The last 5 years are in the Getsimple CMS support team. Specialist in Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 technologies. Visual FoxPro API and Web 3.0 (Ontology + SPARQL) enthusiast.


Roman Lanskoj

Developer of VenusEnergy

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Roman Lanskoj is VENUS smart contract developer. He consulted in defining new solutions, helps to built new products and systems powered by Blockchain technology. Roman has over 5 years of different project experience, such as Elections market savings bank.


Greta Nagytė

Marketing Manager of VenusEnergy

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Greta Nagytė is a marketing manager at VenusEnergy. She is responsible for marketing strategy, on line/off line marketing compains, idea generations and other task related with communication.


Олександра Шевченко

Technical Advisor of VenusEnergy

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Олександра Шевченко is an engineer. She helps with technical questions.


Indrė Lukošiūtė

Advisor of VenusEnergy

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Indrė Lukošiūtė is investments advisor. She is hight performance economist and help VenusEnergy team with analysis of data, income investment.


Our Team


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More about our team

VenusEnergy has a team of specialist working in IT, business and product development, finance, marketing. Each team member is unique and valued for that, among the best and brightest in the business, and takes pride in his or her achievements and the success of others.